A New Day

Revitalize your body...Revitalize your soul.

Healing is key to healthy living. The primary focus of ANewDay is to restore the mind, body and spirit through the laying on of hands. We are motivated by recognizing the past, being present in the day and knowing that this affects our tomorrow.  "A generation goes and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever.  The sun rises and the sun goes down and hurries to the place where it rises."  ~Ecclesiastes 1:4  

     **Pricing for Rogue clients are at a reduced rate.   

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure used to calm and balance your senses. Good for unwinding and restoring. 

60 Minutes / $65.00

90 Minutes / $90.00

Deep Tissue

Treats deep rooted chronic tension. Controlled steady pressure applied to tight muscle spasms causing knots to give way to relief.

60 Minutes / $65.00.

90 Minutes / $90.00 


Hot Stone

Moderate rhythmic pressure applied using oils and hot river stones. Increases circulation and intensifies relaxation experience. Releases pain and tension from stubborn muscle knots. 

*  Requires 2 hour prior notice for proper heating of stones.

75 Minutes / $80.00

Lomi Lomi

Long nurturing strokes along entire body based on Ancient Hawaiian massage technique. 

90 Minutes / $90.00


Lower body discomfort targeted for moms-to-be. Consistent massage during pregnancy can assist and support a healthy transition in changing body structure. 

60 Minutes / $65.00


Great detox for body and immune system. Increases release of toxins from body to improve circulation. 

60 Minutes / $65.00


For those wanting the ultimate DEEP massage. Heavy pressure applied to back side of body with a finish of neck and shoulder work. Unique massage using feet to apply pressure is adjusted by therapist balancing from bars on ceiling. 

60 Minutes / $70.00


***  Massage Enhancer





            Used in each session



Couples massages can be scheduled for Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone

   60 Minutes / $130.00       

   75 Minutes / $160.00

   90 Minutes / $180.00